The Play MPE® solution ( is an automated service record labels use to distribute their pre-release music, videos, album covers, meta data and other content to recipients including radio, press, industry professionals, internal staff, DJs, film and TV, sports stadiums, VIPs and others.

In the past, the industry would use expensive courier services to send CDs, but this process was expensive and slow and there was nothing to stop the recipients from pirating the content. CDs were often lost at the station and the labels received no reporting feedback on whether the content was being received or in the case of radio, played on the air. Staff at radio had to often “rip” the music off the CD into a digital format to be compatible with their automated scheduling systems and they had to manually enter meta data into their reporting systems. Errors were common.

By contrast, the Play MPE® solution securely distributes the content instantly at the chosen impact date. The broadcast quality file is encrypted and compressed into a lossless format for high speed download and then is locked to the recipient computer. Depending on the rights the label grants, some recipients are allowed to export the files into unlocked formats, but Destiny’s proprietary digital watermark is embedded into the audio of each copy. This forensic trace can’t be removed without destroying audio quality and appears in every instance, positively identifying that user. Labels receive full reporting data on how the recipient accesses the song and the recipient is able to seamlessly export meta data into a wide variety of third party reporting and scheduling systems. When a suspected illegal copy is found, labels can run it through online tools to identify the user that made the original unauthorized copy to hold them accountable.