Play MPE® is a cloud-based enterprise SaaS service for promoting and securely distributing broadcast quality audio, video, images, and other digital content. The system is currently used by the music industry for transferring pre-release broadcast quality music, radio shows, and music videos to trusted recipients such as radio stations, media reviewers, VIP's, DJ's, film and TV personnel, sports stadiums and retailers. The system replaces the physical distribution (mail, courier or hand delivery) of CD's.  Record labels around the world, including all three major labels (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment), are regularly using Play MPE® to promote their content. 

Currently the dominant solution in select formats and regions, significant potential for growth exists through expanding to new territories and adding on additional services.  The Play MPE service provides a critical service within the growing global music industry.  PwC's 2017 Global Entertainment and Media Outlook predicts the global music industry will grow from $17.2 billion in 2016 to $22.6 billion in 2021 driven primarily by increases in digital subscription sales.  This growth is driving increased investment in promotion and distribution workflows by global music labels as the role of radio and key influencers directly impacts revenue generation from these growing services.

Visit the Daily Play MPE site TO SEE INformation on Releases being Promoted as well as the global charts of activity published by the system.

Play MPE provides tiered, permission-based, access allowing our clients to assign varying rights, capabilities and responsibilities to different members of their staff.  For example, some customer staff may manage assets (album cover imagery, music videos, the raw music, promotional information and other metadata), while others manage hierarchical permission-based lists of recipients.  Larger labels are normally structured into label groups, each with their own labels with varying access (permissions) to various subsets of the master recipient lists.

In addition to self-managed lists of recipients, customers also rely on the proprietary lists provided within the service. Our staff manage lists of recipients in various formats and geographies and those lists are made available to customers using the Play MPE® service. The Play MPE® service provides our staff with the feedback and resources, which are not available with physical distribution or by smaller competitors, necessary to manage and maintain this network of recipients.  

After the content is released, all activity by the recipient is logged in real time, providing record labels and promotions staff detail on which songs are accessed, streamed, downloaded and exported. The email activities of the recipient are also logged, including opens and clicks, providing key marketing data on the success of a promotional campaign. The Play MPE service also generates a marketing website ( which promotes new music. The system automatically generates charts of the most popular music on the system, that are syndicated to third parties.