Destiny Media Technologies Announces Six Patent Grants for Javascript Video and Watermarking Technologies

Vancouver, BC – October 26, 2015 – Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) today announced new additions to its sizable patent portfolio.  These patents fall broadly into three categories:

1. Disruptive Clipstream® streaming technology that uses Javascript to decrypt and render video

2. Proprietary watermarking technology which is inaudible and survives analog duplication

3. MPE® media locking system.

The company is currently building out a number of applications around the Clipstream® technology including a cloud service, an API for integration into third party offerings and new support for the ad and market research industries. 

 “When we started working on our new disruptive Clipstream® technology in 2010, the challenges seemed insurmountable as Javascript was never intended to be a full featured programming language, said Steve Vestergaard, Destiny’s CEO.  There was a lack of proper standards support, memory management, multi-threading and direct access to CPU / memory / graphics / sound chips was missing and it is slow.  The advantages were so compelling, though, that we've persevered and now have a solid playback engine where our innovations are being rewarded with solid intellectual property protection.”

Mr. Vestergaard continued, “We are pleased with the feedback from the patent offices and with our formal grants around the world, as we've identified about a dozen companies and groups that we believe are infringing on our patents.  The replication of our inventions five years later is flattering, and proves market demand for these techniques, but we are exploring our options to protect and enforce our right to be the only company to use our proprietary technology..”

In August 2011, Destiny filed a provisional patent application on its innovative prototype technique of using Javascript to decrypt proprietary video.  This had a number of advantages including making the encoded file completely cross platform and future proof.  Because it was software based, new features could be added which would instantly reach all modern browsers.  Based on this provisional application, the company then filed seven US patent applications, and a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application which became a European application and twelve applications in other PCT member countries.

One South African patent (2014/01618 January 28th, 2015), one Singapore patent (No. 201008775 April 28, 2015) and two US patents have now issued (No. 9137567 Sept. 15, 2015 and No. 9143826 Sept. 22, 2015).  Third and fourth US patent applications have received “Notices of Allowances” and formal patents are expected to be issued shortly.  In the remaining three US applications, the USPTO has indicated that many of the claims are allowed or allowable.  Destiny is currently advancing arguments and / or amendments in favor of the reconsideration of the remaining claims.

The company has also developed a unique and valuable watermarking technology that survives analog duplication, filtering, file conversion and down sampling and unlike other technologies, is completely inaudible. This allows the source of leaked and pirated content to be traced.

In relation to this watermarking technology, the company has filed four patent applications in the US (three of which are now issued patents) and has also obtained issued patents in many other countries.  The Canadian patent recently issued (No. 2,682,926 Oct. 13, 2015).  Corresponding patents were previously granted in Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Denmark (No. 2082527 Sept. 24, 2014); Germany (No. 602007038680.2 Sept. 24, 2015); Japan (No. 5103479 Oct. 5, 2012); and the US (No. 7983441 July 19, 2011 and No. 8300885 October 30th,, 2012).

The third US watermarking patent issued recently (No. 9165560 Oct. 20, 2015).

The company also has a US patent for its MPE® locking technology (No. 7466823 Dec. 16, 2008).

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