Destiny Media to Syndicate Music Charts

Vancouver, BC – June 16, 2015 – Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) today announced that it will begin syndicating its music download and streaming activity charts, which currently are available at  These charts are also sent to nearly 30,000 industry professionals on a monthly basis as part of Destiny's new newsletter initiative.

With a cumulative count of more than 450 million distributions, Destiny's Play MPE® service is the most trusted way to get music to radio stations.  Destiny's servers are able to determine in real time which songs are the most popular, quickly identifying breaking hits before anyone else.

Destiny is pursuing a number of outlets to publish its charts, the first of which will be Billboard Magazine.  Billboard is the leading print magazine that industry professionals such as music label owners and radio stations rely on for the latest news.  As one of the oldest trade magazines in the world (founded in 1894), their charts are among the most respected in the industry.  

Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 are their primary charts, , respectively ranking the top songs and albums regardless of genre.  Song rankings are based on physical and digital sales, radio airplay and internet streaming.

“The placement of Destiny’s Play MPE® charts in Billboard Magazine is part of a larger proactive marketing plan that we are currently implementing for the Play MPE® side of the business,” said Steve Vestergaard, Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Media.  “We believe that syndicating our charts with media outlets such as Billboard will increase awareness and validation of Play MPE® products as the leading secure distribution technology for decision makers within the industry.”

Destiny's charts will run with Billboard's as an advertorial twice per month starting with the June 27th issue.   Play MPE® charts are based on tracking downloading and streaming activity by the radio program directors that use the system.


About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.  

Destiny Media Technologies (DSY.V) (DSNY) provides services that enable content owners to securely display and distribute their audio and video content digitally through the internet. The Company's two major services are Clipstream and Play MPE®. Clipstream ( is a video format that plays on any modern smart phone, tablet, internet, TV, or computer. With Clipstream, there is no player to configure or install, videos never go obsolete, and there are up to 90% cost savings from caching.  Play MPE ( provides a standardized method to securely and cost effectively distribute pre-release music to radio stations and other music industry professionals, before it is ready for sale.  More information can be found at 


Keith Loh