Destiny Media Technologies to Market Disruptive “Play Anywhere” Clipstream® Streaming Video Cloud Service at the Seattle Interactive Conference

Vancouver, BC - Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) is pleased to announce that it will market its new disruptive, playerless, cross-platform streaming video technology to web developers at the Seattle Interactive Conference from October 28 through October 30, 2013 ( As a sponsor, Destiny’s sales staff will be exhibiting the new Clipstream® Video technology and will be marketing the upcoming Clipstream® Video Cloud service to web developers and corporate customers. As previously announced, a full commercial launch of the soon to be released Clipstream® Video Cloud service is expected before the end of the company’s first fiscal quarter, which ends November 30th.

The Clipstream® Video Cloud service will enable any non-technical corporate user to easily create videos that play on devices ranging from TV's, tablets and mobile smart phones, to computers and e-book readers. In the past, corporations had the choice of using complicated transcoding and content delivery network services to reach an audience that spanned devices, using an advertising-supported video sharing service, or just restricting video playback to computers and leaving an empty “black rectangle” for viewers trying to access videos on other types of devices.

“We are excited to begin marketing our new Clipstream® Video Cloud Service during this pre-launch phase. This will be the first in a series of offerings that will use our Clipstream® technology and represents our first steps into a large multi-billion dollar market opportunity,” said Destiny Chief Executive Officer, Steve Vestergaard. “In addition to ensuring videos play on HTML5-compliant devices, Clipstream® technology offers several other very compelling value propositions. Clipstream® will reach up to 50% more users than HTML5 video, there is no transcoding required, and there are no players or servers to install. In addition, Clipstream® offers watermarking and extensive security options and videos will play well into the future without re-encoding. Unlike plug-in solutions, Clipstream® doesn't expose viewers to the risks of viruses, hackers and privacy intrusions.”

The Clipstream® Video Cloud service will be sold on an automated basis via the internet website. Publishers will use free cloud uploader software to drag and drop videos in a wide variety of formats including Flash, Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, and others into the cloud. In return, users will receive a link that can be embedded into websites, forums, emails, etc. Even though the video content appears to be part of the web page, it is actually streamed from Destiny's cloud rather than the web server displaying the web page. Users of the service will purchase a monthly package, similar to a cell phone plan, where they provide their credit card and are charged monthly. Packages include a number of transfer minutes and usage above that is billed as overage.

About Destiny Media Technologies

Destiny Media Technologies (TSX:DSY, OTC:DSNY) provides services that enable content owners to securely display and distribute their audio and video content digitally through the internet. The Company's two major services are Clipstream® and Play MPE®. Clipstream ( is a video format that plays on any modern smart phone, tablet, internet, TV, or computer.

With Clipstream, there is no player to configure or install, videos never go obsolete, and there are up to 99% cost savings from caching.

Play MPE® ( provides a standardized method to securely and cost effectively distributes pre-release music to radio stations and other music industry professionals, before it is ready for sale. More information can be found at


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