Destiny Media to Launch Commercial Trials of Disruptive Streaming Video Technology

New Secure Streaming Video Format Plays on Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, Internet TV's and E-book Readers Without Player Plug-ins,Transcoding or Content Delivery Networks

Vancouver, BC – February 27, 2013 – Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY) is pleased to announce that, beginning next week, the company will be offering Clipstream® for sale to the market research industry as the first customer vertical. Unlike other solutions such as Flash, WebM and H.264 which have limited security, Clipstream® will enable customers to watermark and lock content to authorized URL's and restrict playback to authorized viewers. This will enable them to offer video questionnaires to test market movie trailers, commercials and new products without fear those videos will appear on the Internet after the videos are removed.

Comments company CEO, Steve Vestergaard, “As we prepare to launch to other customer types, we felt it was important to begin paid trials with transient content and high profile customers first, so that we can address issues and build out case studies and testimonials for wider adoption. Market research companies are expected to resell the technology to their Fortune 500 customers for use in secure video questionnaires.”

Self serve desktop and server based encoder software, support for ad delivery networks, a credit based e-commerce system and marketing materials are all under development. The company expects to roll out commercial offerings to other customer verticals in Q3.

As part of the launch, the company has updated the demo showcase originally announced on December 3, 2012 with improved technology. By using more effective proprietary compression algorithms, average quality and frame rates have risen significantly from the previous version, even though bandwidth requirements have fallen by two thirds. This bandwidth reduction was necessary for the widest possible audience to have a high quality experience and to be competitive with existing solutions. The updated examples are available at

Videos encoded in the new Clipstream® format will play on most browsers, so there is no need to transcode or host multiple formats. Because it is served by a web server rather than a proprietary streaming server, it will cache, saving up to 99% on bandwidth and infrastructure costs. With no players to download or install and native support from all modern browsers, Clipstream® encoded content will have the highest play rate (35% higher than H.264, the next most common format across computers and devices). Unlike other HTML 5 solutions, Clipstream® content can easily be secured from unauthorized viewing or duplication to unauthorized domains. Finally, videos encoded in our format will have the greatest longevity as future browser standards will ensure play back in browsers that haven't even been developed yet.

The proprietary Clipstream® technology is protected by seven pending US patents claiming priority to August 2011 and international PCT filings.

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
The recording industry uses Destiny's Play MPE® secure distribution service to deliver their pre-release music to radio, online retail, DJ's, sports stadiums, journalists and VIP's. Destiny's Clipstream® instant play streaming reaches all modern browsers across computers and devices without player plugins or streaming software. Patents and pending patents include techniques for watermarking, peer to peer locking and cross platform playerless streaming video.

Media Contact:
Steve Vestergaard
CEO Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
604 609 7736 x222


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