Destiny headlines "How to find Big Stocks" August newsletter

Monthly investment newsletter interviews CEO Steve Vestergaard on the prospects of Clipstream G2

The monthly investment newsletter "How to Find Big Stocks" devotes over nine pages of coverage on Clipstream G2 including a multi-page interview with Destiny CEO Steve Vestergaard, a description of the G2 technology, and a backgrounder on the environment that Clipstream G2 is threatening to disrupt.

It is our opinion that Destiny Media Technologies’ Clipstream G2 is a product that is about to cross the chasm and create a tornado. This could turn DSNY into a veritable gorilla! Clipstream is the epitome of disintermediation (a major tornado for the Internet) for streaming video on the Net. Publishers can sell/broadcast directly on the Net without any middleman. Streaming video data currently comprises over 50% of the traffic on the Net, and even more importantly, is growing at a 52% compounded rate annually.

When the CEO described Clipstream as "extremely disruptive to an existing paradigm" and the paradigm includes not one, but TWO billion-dollar industries (with ONE being a $Multi- Billion$ opportunity), our ears perk up. On the July 17 conference call we got an even clearer picture of Clipstream G2, and make no mistake, this IS disruptive technology.


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Keith Loh