Destiny Media Retains Questrade for Market Making Services

VANCOUVER, June 28, 2012  - Destiny Media Technologies (TSXV: DSY) (OTCQX: DSNY), the leading provider of secure distribution of pre-release music and playerless streaming video is pleased to announce that it has retained Questrade, Inc. to provide market-making services and that the market-making services will be performed in accordance with TSX Venture Exchange guidelines.

The initial agreement is for twelve months, beginning July 1, 2012 at a cost of $6,000 per month.    Questrade will not receive shares or options as compensation.  Destiny and Questrade are unaffiliated entities, but Questrade or its clients may have a direct interest in the securities of Destiny Media.

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
Universal, EMI, Warner, Sony and one thousand other labels use Destiny's secure distribution service to deliver most of their pre-release music to radio, online retail, DJ's, sports stadiums, journalists and VIP. Destiny's instant play streaming includes internet radio, internet TV, online surveys and new cloud and mobile offerings. Patents include watermarking, peer to peer locking and pending cross platform playerless streaming video.

About Questrade
Questrade Inc., headquartered in Toronto, provides Canadians with high-speed, direct access trading in the U.S. and Canadian stock and options markets as well as forex trading. Since its inception in 1999, the company has grown and diversified, and is currently ranked as Canada's fastest-growing online brokerage. The company continues to demonstrate its competitive leadership with a combination of outstanding service, advanced technology and competitive pricing structures.

Media Contact:
Steve Vestergaard
CEO Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
604 609 7736 x222

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