Destiny Media Announces Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Vancouver, BC – January 25, 2011 – Destiny Media Technologies Inc. (“Destiny”) (TSX-V:DSY) (OTCBB:DSNY), is pleased to announce that it has received conditional approval from the TSX Venture Exchange for its Employee Stock Purchase Plan (the “Plan”). Under the Plan, employees of Destiny are able to contribute up to 5% of their annual salary into a pool which is matched equally by Destiny. Independent directors are able to contribute a maximum of $12,500 each for a combined maximum annual purchase of $25,000. The maximum annual combined contributions will be $400,000. Money in the pool will be used to purchase shares out of the market on a biweekly basis. All purchases will be made through the Exchange by a third party plan agent and no purchases will be made on the OTC or German exchanges. The third party plan agent will also be responsible for the administration of the Plan on behalf of Destiny and the participants. The Plan is subject to shareholder approval at Destiny’s next AGM.

About Destiny Media Technologies

Destiny Media ( is the developer of the Play MPE® system ( which the recording industry uses to securely distribute new pre-release music through the internet to trusted recipients such as radio, media and VIP's. Real time usage statistics are available at and a product overview is available at

Company Contact:

Steve Vestergaard
CEO Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
604 609 7736 x222

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Keith Loh