Destiny Media customer Toluna uses Clipstream® Survey technology in their latest surveys feature

New Clipstream® Surveys client Toluna is now incorporating our content security in their newest media survey suite SafeView™.

SafeView™ is a Java-based program that works in conjunction with Toluna‟s custom Flash player. SafeView™ prohibits survey respondents from saving images, video and audio files locally, or forwarding them to others.

SafeView™ requires the user to have Java, and Flash. SafeView™ can be supported by Windows 7/XP, and browser types include Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla FireFox 2.0.0+, Opera 9.64+, Chrome 3.0+, Safari 3.0+. SafeView™ is also supported by Mac OS X 10.5+ and browser types include Mozilla FireFox 3.5.2+, Chrome 7.0+, and Safari 5.0.2+.

Clipstream® Surveys worked with Toluna to incorporate our anti-piracy technology into their solution. Go to to see a product overview and demonstration.

Keith Loh