Destiny Media Technologies to Present at 2nd Annual LD MICRO Conference at the Luxe Sunset Bel Air

Vancouver, BC, November 20, 2009  --  Destiny Media, the world's largest secure digital distributor of pre-release music used by record labels to transfer music, broadcast quality videos, full length concerts, radio shows etc. to radio stations, music reviewers, music buyers, movie and television producers through Play MPE®, announced today that CEO, Steve Vestergaard, will be presenting the company at the 2nd annual LD MICRO Conference on Thursday, December 3rd, at 11:00 AM PST. at the Luxe Sunset in Los Angeles.

Chris Lahiji, President of LD MICRO stated "We have been following and researching Destiny since 2004, and it's wonderful to have them present at the conference for a second consecutive year. In our eyes, the company is still early in its growth track, and has the potential of expanding both sales and profits heading into 2010. For full disclosure, we own shares in the company."


LD MICRO is a by-invitation only newsletter firm that focuses on finding undervalued companies in the micro-cap space. Since 2002, the firm has published an annual list of recommended stocks as well as comprehensive reports on select companies throughout the year. LD MICRO concentrates on finding, researching, and investing in companies that are overlooked by institutional investors. It is a non-registered investment advisor.

For more information on the list of presenting companies or to register for the event, please visit or call (408) 457-1042

About Destiny Media Technologies

Destiny Media ( is the developer of the Play MPE® system ( which the recording industry uses to securely distribute new pre-release music through the internet to trusted recipients such as radio, media and VIP's. Real time usage statistics are available at

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