Destiny Media Files Patent Claims Across Europe and Japan

Proprietary Watermarking Technology Protects Media Files without Requiring DRM

Vancouver, BC, May 18, 2009 --- Destiny Media (DSNY OTCBB) is pleased to announce it has applied for patents to protect its innovative watermarking technology in Japan and across Europe.  These new patents will claim an October 18, 2006 priority date from the corresponding US patent application ( ).


There is strong consumer demand to purchase unprotected media files that enable customers to make personal copies of media they’ve purchased online. A digital watermark is a high value solution for the content owner that holds the customer accountable if they also create unauthorized copies. Forensic watermarking is expected to be a common feature of online digital media sales in the future and Destiny’s proprietary patent pending technology is much faster and more robust than other solutions and it is compatible with non digital formats such as analog radio.

A forensic watermark is a digital identifying trace that is embedded into a media file to identify where the file originated. Destiny’s mark can be embedded in near real time, allowing a content owner to deliver the same encrypted file to every user, locking it to their machine, then embedding the mark as it is burned to CD or exported into any standard file format.

Competing solutions offer a trade off between sound quality and the robustness of the mark. Either the mark can be heard by audiophiles, or it is so light that it can be easily filtered. Major record labels have done tests with their best engineers in professional sound studios and the MPE® mark was shown to be inaudible, even though it can’t be removed without affecting sound quality.


Destiny’s watermark is a feature of the Play MPE® system, which the major record labels use to deliver pre-release music to trusted recipients such as radio, the media and buyers and it is imperative for them that recipients be held accountable. The Play MPE® system was designed to enable detailed session information describing the creation of the file to be embedded as it is created or burned to CD then recovered in a few minutes in the case of a leak.


The Play MPE® system is also protected by USPTO patent number 7466823 Digital Media Distribution Method and System which claims a foreign priority date of March 3, 2000.

About Destiny Media Technologies

With over 28,000 users and over 134,000 songs from more than 1,000 record labels, including Universal Music Group, EMI Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group, Destiny ( Media’s Play MPE® system is the most widely used digital distribution system available to the recording and radio industries.  Play MPE® is a secure distribution system that features state-of-the-art encryption to protect content while delivering high definition audio to users in radio, marketing and media.   A powerful promotional tool, Play MPE® also allows record companies to distribute video, text and graphics including music videos, CD covers, credits, lyrics, promotions, and other content.  More information on Play MPE® can be found at

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