Destiny Media Technologies - Play MPE® Enrolls In CDSA Anti-Piracy Certification Program

3 December 2008 – Princeton, NJ – Destiny Media Technologies, with its Play MPE® music-video electronic distribution service to broadcast outlets and other trusted recipients, has enrolled in the internationally approved Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs of the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA). As the major global digital download distributor for broadcast content, Destiny Media Technologies is a software development company which provides tools which some of the world's largest media companies use to distribute their content on the Internet. Its Play MPE® service provides music labels secure storage and online delivery services for over 108,000 distinct music and video files. It is the first such service to seek the certification.

The CDSA Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs (APCP) are well established in North and South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia with more than 100 post production, media manufacturing plants, distributors, and supply chain facilities participating in these programs that are endorsed by the world’s leading content owners and their associations.

Under its patented Play MPE® service, Destiny Media Technologies stores and delivers new release and catalog tracks to label-approved broadcast outlets for on-air play. Labels and other content owners select authorized recipients based on the genre and format. Content can be streamed for review, download or burned onto a disc as permitted by the label.

With more than 24,000 users and over 111,000 songs from more than 1,000 record labels, including Universal Music Group, EMI Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group, Destiny's Play MPE® system is the most widely used digital distribution system available to the recording and radio industries. Play MPE® is a secure distribution system that features state-of-the-art encryption to protect content while delivering high definition audio to users in radio, marketing and media. Considered a powerful promotional tool, Play MPE® also allows record companies to distribute video, text and graphics including music videos, CD covers, credits, lyrics, promotions, and other content. Play MPE® operates on a 24-hour, on-demand delivery from two facilities in Vancouver.

Steve Vestergaard, president and CEO of the Vancouver, BC-based service, said, “We are extremely pleased to be the first music – video broadcast distributor to seek this prestigious certification as a value-added service to our clients. Our extensive electronic database of music and videos represents a monumental treasury of intellectual content for music labels who look to us to provide content protection and security for their assets while maintaining an efficient distribution service.” Vestergaard also noted, “We do not believe piracy can be stopped simply by using one tool. Our on-going development and implementation of security measures and state-of-the-art delivery systems – coupled with the stringent procedures we are employing under the CDSA Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs – provide our clients with a very strong defense against the theft of their intellectual property.”

Timothy J. Gorman, Director – Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs, said, “We consider the enrollment of Destiny Media Technologies as a major milestone in our robust program to prevent any risk of intellectual property theft regardless of the format. Play MPE® has a distinct niche in the supply chain which emphasizes the changing delivery modes available to content owners. Destiny’s anticipated certification and its renowned relationships with the artists and publishing firms in the music and entertainment market will help in our battle against piracy.”

The CDSA programs contain the industry’s first set of international anti-piracy standards for content creation, manufacturing and delivery and have become a major tool in assisting record labels, movie studios, computer software and game publishers to identify supply chain partners that have implemented content protection and security programs to prevent theft of content.

The CDSA Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs were developed with input and support from the industry Anti-Piracy coalitions, including comprised of content creators, media manufacturers, supply chain partners and organizations representing music labels, film studios, software and games publishers. CDSA, the Content Delivery & Storage Association, is the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content.

For more information on the CDSA Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs, please visit CDSA’s website at or call Timothy J. Gorman at +1-301-942-0308 or email: For information about Destiny Media Technologies contact Steve Vestergaard CEO Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. 604 609 7736 x222 or or see the website More information on Play MPE® can be found at Destiny Media Technologies’ products include Play MPE®, Clipstream® and Radio Destiny(TM). Destiny Media Technologies (DSNY OTCBB).

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Keith Loh