Play MPE® in Digital Music News

Play MPE® in Digital Music News

Universal Broadens Pre-Release Security Contract

Is pre-release security a hopeless pursuit? That is a question worth asking following a string of high-profile leaks, including those involving Coldplay, Lil Wayne, and Usher. "An album can leak from anywhere, including physical retail," one distribution executive recently told Digital Music News.

Other soft spots include promotional CDs, which are delivered to radio stations, magazines, and deejays. In an effort to combat leaks from those areas, Universal Music Group has now expanded its agreement with Play MPE, owned by Destiny Media Technologies.

The pact, which already includes the United States, is being broadened into Canada and Mexico. "Beyond its significant cost benefits, this system enhances our control over unauthorized copying, shortens distribution lead times, and provides superior data tracking," said Vincent Freda, executive vice president of Digital Logistics and Business Services at UMG.

Keith Loh