Destiny Media Files Provisional Patent For Digital Watermarking Technology

Watermark Embeds Information into Digital Media to Prevent Piracy


Vancouver, BC – November 8, 2006 – Destiny Media (DSNY OTC) is pleased to announce that it has filed a provisional patent application with the USPTO to protect proprietary technology developed by Destiny.


A digital watermark is a block of information that is encoded into the media file. A typical watermark contains data which identifies the owner of the file and details of the session where the file was created, so they can be held responsible for any illegal copies of copyrighted content.


There are many techniques for perturbing a digital signal to encode additional information, but most of them result in a trade off between the robustness of the watermark and a reduction in the quality of the media file. In an audio file, for example, audiophiles can hear watermarks that are difficult to remove.


Another problem with some solutions is that they don’t survive compression or duplication to an analog medium such as a cassette tape. The mathematics for some techniques are quite complicated, so they can’t be added in real time.


Destiny’s watermarking technology offers the following advantages :


  • it can be embedded in real time, so it is unique for each user
  • it survives compression to 32 kbit per second
  • it survives analog duplication
  • it has been shown to be undetectable to the human ear
  • it can't be filtered out of the media


The watermarking technology will be used in the PODDS online store and Promo Only MPE music preview service software. It will also be available for third party license.


Destiny’s other pending patent in the digital space, Digital Media Distribution System and Method with a provisional filing date of March 3, 2000, is still pending approval.


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