Destiny Announces Clipstream® Live Video License to the Italy's Carabinieri Corps


Vancouver, British Columbia, November 8, 2004 - Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: DSNY; Berlin: DME 935 410) is pleased to announce a license by Italian partner, Vista Technologies to the elite Italian military police force, the Carabinieri Corps.


In its dual role as both police and armed force, the Carabinieri Corps. is ever present in the lives of the citizens it protects, from the largest city in Italy to the most remote village and for the latest action in foreign countries such as Iraq..


According to Sandra Palumbi of Vista Technologie, recent government accessibility rules have made Clipstream™ the obvious solution for government applications in Italy. She says “After extensive evaluation by their IT department for both internal and external communications needs, the Italian Carabinieri Corps. will use both live and on demand versions of Clipstream™.


The product was chosen as the best technology because of its security and reach to nearly all internet users, a requirement recent government law has set, to permit accessibility at all institutional and government sites. The Clipstream™ playerless technology has a strong advantage over all player based video technologies.”


An additional advantage of Clipstream™ for law enforcement is the strong security built into the software. Access to live restricted streams can be limited to targeted viewers and with the Secure ID package, on demand streams can be locked so they will only play on the authorized originating web site.


According to John Gammack, Destiny’s VP Operations, demand for Clipstream™ is growing in the armed forces. “Because of the high reliability and reach, Clipstream™ Live is becoming the preferred solution for police and military applications around the world. It is easy for someone in the field to flip on a live audio and video broadcast which is accessible to compatible Java devices anywhere in the world, via a secure connection.”


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