Destiny Media Technologies Announces Strong Growth in Online Video Surveys

Clipstream™ is Rapidly Becoming a Standard Tool For Market Research


Vancouver, British Columbia, April 30, 2004 - Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: DSNY; Berlin: DME 935 410) is pleased to announce that the number of market research companies using Clipstream™ has doubled this quarter as research companies standardize on the product for delivering video information to survey recipients through the internet.


Applications for video surveys include test marketing of new television commercials, screening of new movie trailers and test marketing of new products and medicines. Typically, the research companies identify a sample of consumers representing a range of demographic profiles. These users watch a Clipstream™ powered video, then answer a selection of multiple choice questions about the content they just viewed.


“We’ve powered hundreds of surveys in the last year”, says VP John Gammack, and "this market vertical is growing monthly, and is increasing as a recurring revenue source for Destiny Media.”


It is expensive to identify consumers willing to answer product questions, so Clipstream's extremely high reliability ensures that almost every survey recipient has a high quality video experience. Since the companies may have copyrighted versions of their content, it is important that the content not be copied. Clipstream™ offers complete piracy protection (Package SID™) and customizable tracking to accurately measure user interaction with the video. Survey results are more accurate and valuable to the clients.

"Market research companies are especially attracted to the secure piracy protection of Clipstream™ streaming. They also like the fact that Clipstream™ Video has 98% play rates, so very few respondents to surveys opt out because the video doesn’t play. This saves on survey costs" says John Pillsbury, Destiny Business Development. “We now have an active marketing campaign for expansion of Clipstream™ licensees in this dynamic online industry.”


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