Clipstream partner DS Interactive licenses Clipstream® Video to Goo, Japan's premiere Internet portal

DS Interactive, Inc. has agreed to license Goo; one of the largest Internet portals in Japan operated by NTT-X, with their Java based streaming technology. Beginning in October 2002, Goo will distribute video ad email using VideoClipstream.

Clipstream™ Video is a playerless media technology optimized for video/audio distribution over the Internet. Since Clipstream™ doesn't require any plug-ins or players, users can play the video right from their email software. Also, Clipstream™ is designed to assist in the prevention of piracy of video streams. The Clipstream™ Security features specifically prevent stolen to be streamed from other servers, as well as preventing the piracy of streaming content and bandwidth by sites who remotely refer to your content from their websites.

DS Interactive is an official re-seller of Clipstream™ software tools developed by Destiny Media Technologies (OTCBB: DSNY, Berlin: DME) in Japan.

For more information about Clipstream™ in Japan, please contact:

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
Sakura Tanida
Tel +81-3-3239-8482 Fax +81-3-3239-8485
Business Development Group
DS Interactive Inc. (


Keith Loh