Greenfield Online Revolutionizes Online Media Testing

Online Data Collection Provider Couples Proprietary Downloadable Media Technology with New Entertainment Panel to Survey Respondents' Mindsets ab

Note: Greenfield is a Clipstream client

Wilton, Conn. (Monday, September 9, 2002) - Greenfield Online, a leading provider of online data collection services, announces the launch of a new media testing capability that enables clients to test video segments with precise target audiences, quickly and economically.

"It is now viable and cost-effective to conduct media tests online. Many companies are hesitant about using an online media testing methodology, as they believe that respondents are frustrated by slow and cumbersome media downloads," says Dean Wiltse, CEO, Greenfield Online. "However, our technology makes it possible for respondents to view high-quality media, even those with slower connection speeds."

Most media testing technologies require survey respondents to download special plug-ins or media players, which adds to respondent frustration and ultimately survey abandonment. The Greenfield Online application is compatible with 95 percent of viewers' browsers, and the segment downloads passively during the course of survey participation. The technology automatically detects viewers' connection speed and streams the appropriate bit per second. As a result, all respondents view the same high-quality media segment. By providing all users with the same experience and eliminating frustrating application downloads, data that is collected is more accurate.

Benefits realized:

· No player is required.
· 95 percent of all browsers will be able to execute the media - widest reach of viewers available.
· Media segments are not streamed. Instead, clips are downloaded and played, which is more secure - stops interception.
· Viewers must have a special ID to view media, which will be disabled after completion of survey - prevents piracy and distribution.
· Segments are compressed to ensure efficient downloads no matter what size/resolution.
· Media can be accepted in any format.

The Greenfield Online solution couples advanced technologies with access to respondents. The company has leveraged its premier partnership with MSN to develop a pre-recruited group of respondents that wish to participate in online media tests. This Entertainment Panel is an augment to the Greenfield Online panel of 1.2 million households, and current MSN recruitment initiatives.

Greenfield Online tested the viability of its technology, and respondents' desire to participate in media testing studies by conducting a survey among 500 panelists. Two hundred of these panelists had participated in media studies in the past, while 300 had never participated. Respondents were required to view an online movie segment and rate their experience.

The findings are as follows:

· 88 percent of surveyed respondents, who never participated in media testing in the past, expressed interest in doing so. However, more than 50 percent anticipated that watching a movie trailer would take a long time to download.

· After having viewed the media clip, 76 percent said that it was easier and quicker to view than they had anticipated.

· Of those respondents, who had participated in online media testing in the past, 79 percent said that it was easier and quicker to view than they had anticipated.

· 84 percent of those respondents, who had participated in the past, also said that they hoped to participate in media testing studies in the future after having viewed the Greenfield Online video segment.

Online media testing is a cost effective solution and the minimum cost to conduct a media testing survey is $2,000 for up to two spots, totaling no more than two minutes. Each additional minute of media in excess of two minutes costs $500.

About Greenfield Online
Greenfield Online, Inc. is a pioneer in the concept of conducting marketing research via the Internet. The company has developed unsurpassed sampling capabilities, including one of the largest and most robust online research panels, as well as the ability to recruit from the Microsoft Network, which receives more than 65 million unique monthly visitors. Greenfield Online combines these sampling capabilities with vast research experience and world-class tools and technologies to serve the data collection and infrastructure needs of research and consulting companies.

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