Destiny Media Technologies Joins the SDMI

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (DSNY-OTC BB) is pleased to announce that it is joining the SDMI ( as a member of the Perimeter Technologies Working Group. Perimeter technologies are defined as technologies admitted into and exported from SDMI compliant environments. Some of the other companies in this organization include BMG Entertainment, EMI Capitol Music, Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, AT&T (NYSE - T), AOL (NYSE - AOL), Compaq (NYSE - CPQ), Dolby Labs, Lucent (NYSE - LU), Napster, and Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ - SUNW).

Destiny has developed a solution for the recording industry, which facilitates the distribution of digital media. MPE encapsulates an MP3 file with album cover artwork and lyrics into a secure file, which will play itself when clicked on. As part of the Working Group, Destiny will participate in the adoption of a new standard format for the digital encoding of music.
“MPE is the most complete solution to the problem of music piracy on the Internet, and the music industry and artists have been screaming for a solution like this,” says Steve Vestergaard, CEO of Destiny Media Technologies. “Our technology allows music to be openly and securely distributed on the Internet, and empowers artists and labels to get the control they need and the money they deserve.”

The MPE open beta product is now in operation, with full commercial launch scheduled for June 20. Complete product details, pricing and sample MPE tracks are now available at

MPE is a complete; secure media distribution system, with built-in e-commerce, digital rights management, distribution and visual display. MPE files do not require an external player or any other lengthy downloads, as each file contains an embedded player; MPEs automatically play when clicked on. It works on both PC and Mac platforms, and is a much richer and more powerful marketing tool than any other system on the market today.

According to Vestergaard, there is enormous potential in the digital music distribution business. Industry experts predict the market for digitally distributed music will be valued at $6 billion by 2005, representing 15% of music sales worldwide.

Artists can include CD covers, lyrics, or other messages in the text and graphics portion of the MPE, while an MP3-based audio track plays along. MPEs can be formatted in a number of ways:
Locked MPEs can provide a short audio preview, visuals and text to promote a purchase. To receive the full file, the consumer must pay for the file and execute an e-commerce transaction that Destiny administers. Free MPEs can be distributed and shared freely, becoming an effective part of a viral marketing program. Sponsored MPEs can be unlocked if the consumer clicks through to a sponsor or advertiser’s web site, driving web traffic and creating brand association.

In April, Destiny filed for a patent for the MPE media distribution system, including the technology supporting the embedded player that drives MPE’s “click and play” features. “The potential applications for MPE capture a full range of Internet content and entertainment,” says Vestergaard. “MPE supports audio, video, imagery, and text in a self-contained executable. Our first application is the music arena, but some of the other exciting applications we are exploring include feature films, digital books, cartoons, analyst reports and trading cards.”

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. ( is a leader in developing easy-to-use tools and enabling technologies to distribute digital media through the Internet. The company's suite of streaming and downloadable products includes: MPE™ (, a complete, secure media distribution system that provides e-commerce and digital rights management directly from within an MP3-compatible multimedia file; Clipstream™ (, a java-based tool which enables web pages, e-mail and banners to stream audio without the use of a player; Video Clipstream™ (, a technology for embedding streaming video into a web page or e-mail; and the RadioDestiny Broadcaster™ (, which allows a user to webcast live or scripted internet radio from a computer to anyone on the Internet. Established in 1991, the company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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