Destiny's New Media Player features internet radio with instant purchase option and visual information

Destiny previewing their next generation digital music player at Streaming Media West '99, San Jose, booth #418

SAN JOSE - Today at Streaming Media West '99, Destiny Media Technologies Ltd. debuted its next generation Destiny Media Player, the latest in metadata music technology and the first digital music player incorporating internet radio which includes visual, graphic and artist information and an instant purchase option for CDs or digital music files.
"The new Destiny Media Player allows users to 'listen, look and buy', and provides a virtual storefront for radio broadcasters, musicians and record labels," explains Steve Vestergaard, CEO of Destiny Media Technologies. "This technology is one-of-a-kind and presents excellent opportunities to content owners, artists and retailers alike."
In addition to listening to music files and Internet radio, the next generation Destiny Media Player contains a powerful e-commerce feature that allows users to search, purchase and download CDs or digital tracks. Even with these new functions, the Destiny Media Player remains the world's smallest and most versatile digital music player and Internet radio receiver at just under 400k to download on a PC. The Mac version is just under 800k.
This is a unique promotional and sales tool for record labels and content owners. Record labels can now easily setup and broadcast their own 24/7 radio programs on the RadioDestiny broadcast network while offering their content for immediate sale via the Destiny Media Player. International partner has selected this next generation media player as the exclusive technology for the playback of its new secure digital music format to be launched January 2000.
Destiny's metadata technology allows the listener to view artist information such as album covers, discographies, tour information and liner notes while listening to streaming Internet radio and execute an impulse purchase if they desire. This is an ideal tool to target office listeners of Internet radio. The Destiny Media Player™ is the first to incorporate visuals with Internet radio, and makes radio an interactive experience.
Listeners can also e-mail the station directly or link to the Web site of the label or artist.
The Destiny Media Player™ is available from

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. ( is a leader in developing easy-to-use tools and enabling technologies to distribute digital media through the Internet. The company's suite of streaming and downloadable products includes: MPE™ (, a complete, secure media distribution system that provides e-commerce and digital rights management directly from within an MP3-compatible multimedia file; Clipstream™ (, a java-based tool which enables web pages, e-mail and banners to stream audio without the use of a player; Video Clipstream™ (, a technology for embedding streaming video into a web page or e-mail; and the RadioDestiny Broadcaster™ (, which allows a user to webcast live or scripted internet radio from a computer to anyone on the Internet. Established in 1991, the company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
Steve Vestergaard
CEO Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
604-609-7736 ext. 222

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