Destiny announces unique Java-based streaming audio tool that plays sound instantly from any web page

Company showcases Clipstream™ product and .dny streaming audio format at Streaming Media West '99, San Jose, CA, booth #418

Dec. 7, 1999 SAN JOSE, CA. - Today at Streaming Media West '99, Destiny Media Technologies Ltd. unveiled Clipstream, a new web development tool that requires no programming knowledge to use and enables any Web viewer with a java-enabled browser to hear streaming audio with no player, plugin or special server required.

Destiny's Clipstream allows more than 90 per cent of Web surfers to hear high quality streaming audio without relying on external applications. Internet marketers, advertisers and Web masters will appreciate how simple it is to use Clipstream to incorporate product jingles, current singles, or a CEO's annual report in any Web site.

"Clipstream is the easiest streaming audio tool that automatically generates any code needed and reads the user's capabilities, providing the appropriate bit rate automatically," explains David Stevenson, product manager at Destiny Media Technologies. "We deliver an ultra-small java applet so Clipstream audio messages can be heard by the greatest majority of web viewers, in the shortest amount of time by avoiding bulky downloads and excessive buffering time."

Clipstream is only a 28kb download and is available at for $99.
No programming knowledge is necessary to use Clipstream. The user simply chooses the desired audio clip, drags and drops it through the Clipstream compressor, and cuts and pastes the auto-generated code into the Web page.

Clipstream is PC and Mac OS compatible. The Clipstream compressor compresses CD audio, wav files, or Mp3 formats. Clipstream compresses and delivers streaming audio at two different bit rates: 22kb or 44kb per second depending on the users Internet connection speed. This ensures the audience receives the best quality possible.

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. ( is a leader in developing easy-to-use tools and enabling technologies to distribute digital media through the Internet. The company's suite of streaming and downloadable products includes: MPE™ (, a complete, secure media distribution system that provides e-commerce and digital rights management directly from within an MP3-compatible multimedia file; Clipstream™ (, a java-based tool which enables web pages, e-mail and banners to stream audio without the use of a player; Video Clipstream™ (, a technology for embedding streaming video into a web page or e-mail; and the RadioDestiny Broadcaster™ (, which allows a user to webcast live or scripted internet radio from a computer to anyone on the Internet. Established in 1991, the company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
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