Destiny has developed a disruptive secure streaming video solution.   Clipstream® uniquely reaches all modern browsers on all computers and devices without needing player plug-ins or streaming servers. To access a free trial of Destiny Media’s Clipstream® video hosting service, please visit  

Clipstream® enables any non-technical user to upload videos that will play on all modern web browsers including those installed on TVs, PCs, and mobile devices.  The service automatically converts videos from a range of standard formats to the Clipstream® format. Users then receive a link that can be embedded into a website and/or distributed through email and accessed via the cloud.  A showcase of videos encoded in the Clipstream® format is available here.

Clipstream® offers a number of technical advantages to users of online video platform (OVP) services, the Company’s first targeted market.  According to Frost & Sullivan, the size of the OVP market was $369 million during 2013 and is expected to grow to $800.9 million during the next 5 years.  Clipstream® is differentiated from similar OVP services in that it delivers an easy to use end-to-end platform providing the strongest security available to protect online video content.  Because Clipstream® technology doesn’t rely on plug-ins, videos hosted via Clipstream® ‘just play’ in any modern browser and automatically adapt to available device capabilities and bandwidth. In addition, videos in the Clipstream® format will not expire, or need reformatting.  Clipstream® is being actively promoted in numerous vertical segments within the OVP market including the market research and surveys segment - visit for more information, or click here to read about Clipstream’s unique security features.

Future opportunities are being pursued to expand Clipstream’s unique video technology to the ad industry.  Clipstream’s patented JavaScript based decompression overcomes limitations imposed on the display of video by web browsers. For example, the Safari web browser on iPhones enforces a limitation on non-Clipstream hosted video that requires video play only in full screen, in their player, with no customizations or external control. By taking control of the video experience fully in JavaScript, Clipstream® overcomes this limitation and gives an ad vendor complete control over how their ad plays adding features like interactivity, tracked clicks, and automatically playing on scroll.  Overcoming the restrictions placed on video rendering by browsers allows Clipstream® to power innovative mobile rich-media and in-feed video advertising campaigns.   Video and mobile advertising represent the fastest growing segments of the $49.5 billon digital advertising market.